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JAECO/Hollybrook Pump Station and Force Main

April 8


Project: Hollybrook Pump Station and Force Main
Owner: Smith-Edwards, LLC – 2643A Wendell Road, Wendell, NC 27591
Engineer: Jonathan R Callahan, PE – JAECO – 333 Wade Ave, Raleigh, NC 27605

Separate sealed Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at 2:00 PM, April 8, 2021, at the
Public Utilities Operations Center (3304 Lake Woodard Drive, Raleigh, NC 27604) for the
construction of the Hollybrook Force main and Pump Station project. Sealed bids may be
dropped off at the office of the Engineer either the day of the Bid Opening until 11 AM, or
between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM in the days prior to the Bid Opening. Sealed bids may
also be dropped off at the Public Utilities Operations Center Bid Opening meeting location
between 1 PM to 2 PM on Bid Opening day. Immediately after bids are received, a meeting will
be held outside the Public Utilities Operations Center where bids will be publicly opened and
read aloud. A map indicating the Bid Opening meeting location will be provided at the Pre-Bid
meeting. As a precautionary measure due to COVID-19 and understanding that some
businesses have chosen to suspend employee travel, the Bid Opening will also be held via a
virtual meeting. Contractors and Vendors are strongly encouraged to attend the bid opening via
virtual meeting. For those who wish to attend in person, all attendees will be required to adhere
to the North Carolina and CDC social distancing and mask wearing guidelines. We also strongly
recommend that each submitting firm only send one representative, if desiring to have an inperson
presence, so that recommended social distancing can be accommodated. Invitations to
the virtual meeting will be sent to those who attended the mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting. Others
interested in attending shall contact the Engineer.

After Bids are opened, the Owner shall evaluate them in accordance with the methods and
criteria set forth in the Instructions to Bidders. The Owner reserves the right to waive any
informality or to reject any or all Bids. Unless all Bids are rejected, Award will be made to the
lowest responsible and responsive Bidder, taking into consideration quality, performance and
the time specified in the Bid Form for the performance of the Contract.
A mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be held via a virtual meeting at 2:00 PM, Tuesday, March
23, 2021. No onsite meeting will be held, and Contractors and Vendors should not expect to
attend in person. Those who wish to attend the Pre-Bid Meeting must send an email to no later than 5:00 PM, March 15, 2021 to ensure an invite with the
meeting link can be provided. No guarantees shall be made for those who request to attend
after the deadline specified herein.

Requirements for pre-bid submittals of an “or-equal” are required within 10 days of the issuance
of the Advertisement for Bids and in accordance with Section 00200, Instructions to Bidders.
The Project consists generally of the following major items:

The installation of approximately 10,600 linear feet of 10” DR-14 C-900 PVC force main
along Lake Glad Road, existing utility easement, East Boxley Road, South Hollybrook Road,
and internal proposed streets for the Hollybrook Subdivision. The force main work includes 18”
bore and jack of Lake Glad Road and South Hollybrook Road along with traffic control and
associated restoration of the existing shoulder, driveways, etc. Additionally, the project includes
construction of a 500 gpm pump station with generator and odor control building. The entire
project will be turned over to City of Raleigh for future maintenance and therefore is required to
meet all City of Raleigh Standards and Specifications within the Public Utilities Handbook.


April 8
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