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National Roof Drainage/ Merrick Hall Re-Bid – NC A&T State University

December 30, 2021

December 22, 2021
To: All Bidders
Ref: Merrick Hall
From: Dan Luby

National Roof Drainage Quotes the Following scope of work.

1) Supply and install (9) new overflow roof drains. Supply extensions for the existing roof drains.
2) Roof Drains will be manufactured by Zurn, options with the drains, sump receiver, cast-iron dome and
under-deck clamps per drawings and specifications.
3) Supply and install new cast-iron piping from new Overflow Roof Drains to exterior wall, core drill wall
and install bronze nozzles.
4) Insulate new bowls and piping if specified.
5) Supply and install all fittings and hangers as required.
6) Supply and install interior protection for our work only.
7) Provide any scaffolding and lifts as needed.
8) Comply with all required wage rates.
9) Water test roof drains/piping prior to start if required.
10) Any walls and ceilings disturbed to install Roof Drains and piping will be repaired to original condition.
11) All work will be completed according to plans and specifications.
12) All above work will be guaranteed for (2) years after completion and inspection by Owner or Owners

Merrick Hall Revised


December 30, 2021
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