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Sanford Contractors/Johnston County Water Treatment

June 13, 2019

May 31, 2019


To:          Minority Subcontractors and Suppliers


Re:          Water Treatment Plant, 12-14 MGD Expansion (Johnston County, NC)


Our firm is considering submitting a bid for the Water Treatment Plant, 12-14 MGD project that bids on June 13th, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. We are particularly interested in receiving minority subcontract and material supply quotes on or before June 13th, 2019 in our office on any of the following items of work; or other contract items of interest to your firm:



Erosion Control Items

Clearing & Grubbing

Seeding & Mulching

Chain Link Fencing

Trucking/Stone Hauling

Pump Station Construction


Horizontal Bores

Directional Drilling


Asphalt/Concrete Pavement Repairs

Supplier of Materials for Project Construction

Or any other items that may be of

Interest to your firm.


Plans and specifications for the project and specifically for the items listed above are available in our office and online (for iSqFt members) at iSqFt. You can also examine plans and specifications at the office of Johnston County Public Utilities (Smithfield, NC).


If it will facilitate your opportunity to perform work on this contract, we would be willing to consider your quotation on a smaller quantity of any of the above listed items. We would be willing to assist you in obtaining any bonding or insurance requirements in connection with this project. Please contact us if we may provide assistance in obtaining any equipment, material, or supply sources or contacts to help facilitate your quotation.


If you wish to review the bidding documents, receive assistance in understanding the plans and specifications, or if you have any questions we can answer, please let me know. (919) 718-1012, fax # (919) 774-1497.





  1. David Stike


  1. David Stike

Vice President, Utilities Division



June 13, 2019
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