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Supply Chain Management – Module 2: Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment

December 3, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Supply Chain Management – Module 2: Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment

Overview: Develop streamline manufacturing and order fulfilment know-how for small quick-win opportunities and large game-changing projects to maximize revenue potential and profitability. This cohort program delivers the supply chain foundation needed to tackle key activities from client management to mass production. Participants gain industry insight and simplify execution of the same supply chain tactics of Fortune 1000 organization with a lot more budget.

Cohort objectives are to help participant: A. Identify resources needed and/or current utilization of resources and business partners to get business and develop in-house or outsourced manufacturing and distribution strategies

B. Gain exposure to free off-the-shelf or low-cost customizable software to help enable customer service management, project management, purchasing activities, sales tax, and more

C. Realize methods to maintain cost controls and product or service offering integrity while in launch and growth stages

D. Learn when and how to invest in scaling the business or creating successful joint partnerships

E. Establish leadership oversight, processes, and controls to limit liability and preserve brand value

Example Outcomes: Manufacturing Plan Systems Utilization Plan Job Cost & Budget Templates Partnership SOW Agreement Templates Customized Workflow Backdown Structure Outline

Speaker(s): Various


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The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte


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