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Thalle Construction/ NCDOT C204110 CUMBERLAND COUNTY

June 20


Quote Request for Construction Subcontractors Trades Services and Materials

Please Reply to Thalle Construction Co Inc with your intent to quote or questions Contact Vincent Zannini 919.241.1635

Deadline: Send offer and responses to and quote due by June 20th 2:00pm.    Offers are encouraged to be on company letterhead noting bid items pricing, identifying your offers inclusion, or exclusions and if applicable DBE utilization and bond rate percentage may be considered

Project Documents: Bid items e quantities schedule, Plans and project special provisions are available at no cost from Planroom hyperlink and may be viewed by appointment at Thalle Construction Co Inc and available at NCDOT offices and webpage

Overall Project Scope work includes grading, drainage, paving, signing, signals, and structures (7 Bridges, MSE wall, sound walls) for new road alignment I-495 including interchanges and road improvements

  • U-2519BA / U-251BB FAYETTEVILLE OUTER LOOP FROM SOUTH OF SR-1003 (CAMDEN ROAD) TO SOUTH OF US-401 approx. 5.293 miles of roadwork with 5 bridges
  • U-2519BB  OUTER LOOP (F.O.L.) FROM SOUTH OF R 1104 (STRICKLAND BRIDGE ROAD) TO SOUTH OF US 401 – approx. 1.524 miles of roadwork and 1 bridge

Project Contract Time:

Project overall time: start Aug 1, 2022 and complete Jan 28, 2027

Intermediate Milestone & restrictions (see special provisions for details)

#1 – planting, reforestation, and permanent vegetation establishment complete Aug 1, 2026

#2 – maintenance of Traffic control day and time restriction

#3 – Complete Road alignment(s) -L- line (STA 320+00 to 344+00) -Y13DET and associated ramps -Y13RPB-/ -Y13RPB_XOVER- and -Y13RPC-/-Y13RPC_XOVER-, as described in Phase I, Step #2 on Sheet TMP-3 of the U-2519BA Transportation Management Plans complete June 1, 2024

Subcontractors Trades Services and Materials Sought

General: Surveying, , Temporary shoring, Work-Zone devices & services,

Import offsite borrow pits, Soil-Fill, crushed stone-aggregates & riprap, Dump truck hauling, readymix

Site Preparation: Clearing & grubbing, erosion control, well abandonment, Asphalt demolition & breaking

Site Drainage, RC-pipe culverts, CS-pipe culverts, side-drains drainage structures, frames & grates

Site Work: Bridge approach Geotech-fabrics, Rough and fine Grading, subsurface drains, road-base

Underground Utilities: Waterline and sewer (2” 6” 12” 16” Dia ) DIP Valves and fittings,, tapping sleeve and valve, hydrant, precast manholes, pipe abandonment, encasement pipe, bore and Jack

Pavement: Asphalt paving, Asphalt Milling, Rumble strips, Right of way markers, Pavement making and striping

Roadway: Guardrail, Cable-guiderail, Fence, Overhead Signs, regulatory signs , Precast Barrier Wall

Concrete: Slope-protection, Curb and gutter, transition section, gutter, sidewalk, islands

Traffic Signal: Signal devices, trenching, Directional drill, sawcut, foundation, enclosure and equipment

Structures: , MSE Walls, Sound Barrier-wall,

Bridge(s) Foundation excavation, Approach slabs, Bridge gooving, Concrete, Reinforcing Steel, Prestressed Girders, HP pile driving, two bar metail rail, concrete barrier rail, concrete parapet, Bearings, Joint Seals, expansion joints

Business Utilization MBE/WBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate & will be listed at time of bid, Work & materials may be combined or divided to facilitate maximum participation. Subcontractors are obliged to sublet to 2nd & 3rd tier DBE subcontractors. DBE firms needing assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, insurance, quickpay & payment-agreements, obtaining equipment & supplies materials or negotiate joint venture & partnership arrangements can contact Nan Sumner for assistance. Thalle will negotiate fairly with interested DBE firms & will not reject firms as unqualified without sound reasons-based capabilities.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise requrements per 49 CFR Part 26 DBE GOAL is 5.0% for this project.


June 20
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