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Thalle Construction/ NCDOT C204785 Harnett County: NC-55 FROM SOUTH OF SR-1532 (OAK GROVE CHURCH RD) TO NC-210

September 18, 2023

NCDOT C204785 Harnett County: NC-55 FROM SOUTH OF SR-1532 (OAK GROVE CHURCH RD) TO NC-210

Request for Quote
For Construction: Subcontractors, Services and materials

Project: NCDOT C204785 Harnett County: NC-55 FROM SOUTH OF SR-1532 (OAK GROVE CHURCH RD) TO NC-210
Client: NCDOT Central Letting RPN: 003 Contract: R-5705A 46377.3.1 C20478
Project In vicinity of:4.364 miles of NC-55 & intersections – Angier, NC 27501 

Please reply with your intent or questions ASAP
Deadline of proposals:
 respond with offer by September 18, 2023 02:00 PM To Thalle Construction Co Inc.
Proposals are encouraged to be on company letterhead, with scope and pricing noting scope inclusions or exclusions, contact info, and if applicable business utilization participation, performance bond rate percentage: Review project contract document and site conditions to develop your offer.
Contacts / Respond to:. quotes@thalle.com; fax 919-241-1659 Corp Phone 919.245.1490 Thalle Carolina Estimating Dept 900 NC HWY 86 North 27278  care of Vincent Zannini direct 919.241.1635 vzannini@thalle.com

Project scope: 4.364 miles of road widening realignment and improvements. work includes grading, drainage, signals and culverts: and major contact items offsite Borrow soils excavation, aggregates, asphalt paving, guardrail, fencing, Pavement markings and markers, Underground Utility construction (open-cut, Bore&jack, Directional drilling) Erosion Control, Signals

Overall Contract Time: Project available October 30, 2023 and complete April 12, 2028: Note: alignment availability, Intermediate contract times & restrictions, TMA phasing and work sequences identified in project documents.

Subcontractors, Services and Materials Sought:
General – Surveying, Temporary construction facilities and services,
Traffic Management – Traffic Control devices, work-zone signs, Portable concrete traffic-Barrier, Maintenance of traffic & flagging,
Site Prep. – Erosion & Sediment Control, Clearing and grubbing, safety fence
Site work – earthwork, geotextiles fabrics, temporary walls,
Underground Pipe & drainage – Underdrain, Storm drainage, water & sewer utilities, pipe abandonment, 12″/16″/30″ encasement pipe by Bore & Jack, 10″ Directional Drilling, Precast structures, RCP, CMP, HDPE, DI pipe, valves & fittings, frame & grates
Structures – Box Culverts & wing walls 3 each: ( 6×7, 7×7, 5×7) , readymix, reinforcements
Soil & Stone – Offsite borrow soils excavation, stone aggregates, riprap, Dump truck hauling
Roadway – Asphalt Milling, Asphalt paving, Pavement marking and markers, road signs, Guardrail, timber-fence, Concrete flatwork curb & gutter, Grassing & mowing
Traffic Signal– electric, communications fiber,  trenching, directional drill, controls cabinet, enclosures CCTV, Signs, drilled Piers

BID DOCUMENTS Project Special Provisions-Specifications, Plan Drawings, are available at no cost from hyper-link https://securecc.smartinsight.co/#/PublicBidProject/720998  . In addition NCDOT Standard Specifications, Standards and project documents can be obtained from NCDOT website aand can also be obtained/viewed by appointment at NCDOT Division offices, NCDOT central letting webpage, Construction Resource Center(s) of NC, and at Thalle’s office in Hillsborough NC. Offers are encouraged to review project contract document and site conditions to develop your offer.

Business Utilization MBE/WBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate & will be listed at time of bid, Work & materials may be combined or divided to facilitate maximum participation. Subcontractors are obliged to sublet to 2nd & 3rd tier DBE subcontractors. DBE firms needing assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, insurance, quickpay & payment-agreements, obtaining equipment & supplies materials or negotiate joint venture & partnership arrangements can contact Thalle for assistance. Thalle will negotiate fairly with interested DBE firms & will not reject firms as unqualified without sound reasons based capabilities.

Craig A. Miller

Senior Estimator

Thalle Construction Company Inc

cmillercmiller@thalle.com; quotes@thalle.com

Direct 919.241.1627  Cell 919.725.2774

Vincent Zannini

Estimating/Engineering Dept

Thalle Construction Company Inc.

vzannini@thalle.com; quotes@thalle.com

Direct 919.241.1635 Cell 919.201.0864



September 18, 2023
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