Cutting the Fluff: Developing Better Marketing and Communication

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Cutting the Fluff: Developing Better Marketing and Communication

Effective communications strategies to establish a solid foundation for growing your business and creating partnerships across your industry is critical. While marketing your business is one thing, effectively communicating your business WHY is another that we often miss the mark on. Our modules will show women how to implement tactics to position their brands for success, media coverage, social media success, etc. Very heavy on communications strategies and resources for growth/scalability.

Students will go through six modules throughout the course of the cohort. Specific emphasis will be placed on a case study to be broken down into pertinent examples and actionable steps.
• Course orientation and introduction to branding vs marketing
• Establishing your brand values and message (customer discovery and why)
• Micro lessons from Biz 101
• Communication and brand management goals and KPls
• Successful launch tactics
• Case study final analysis

Attendees will walk away from this course with an action oriented communication plan that supports their brand values. Students will be able to effectively communicate their mission and why via a 30 second elevator pitch.

Develop an agile pitch deck, a short and long form bio, and customer discovery report.
Through interactive lessons, students will have the opportunity to test out their proposed messages and receive feedback on efficiency and effectiveness.

**Limited Scholarships Available valued at $900!***

**Session Dates:** May 12, May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9, and June 16

**Session Time:** 6 PM – 8 PM

**Eligibility Requirements:**
* You must be a woman in business
* You must be able to attend all 6 sessions
* You must have internet access
* You must have a laptop or computer (not Chrome Books)

* Complete the online database registration
* The Women’s Business Center Review and determine acceptance
* Congratulation letter emailed for one to complete Withdraw Agreement if accepted into the program
* Complete and sign agreement
* WBCC send Calendar invite with Zoom Meeting information

Speakers: Greg Hedgepeth / Evelyne Del

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Enhance & Protect a Key Business Asset: Register Your Trademarks!

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Enhance & Protect a Key Business Asset: Register Your Trademarks!

How many forms of intellectual property are important to your business success? Are you producing blogs? Did you spend time and money developing a logo or a slogan? Intellectual property can be a key business asset, yet trademarks are one of the most misunderstood areas of law. This webinar will orient you to the different types of intellectual property, what can be registered & what can’t, where & why. In this session, you’ll also learn trademark terminology; costs/benefits/pitfalls of trademark registration; differences between federal & state (North Carolina) trademark registration; & how to register your business trademark at state (North Carolina) & federal level.

Speaker: Bobby Robinson / Ann Elmore

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WBCC – Branding Your Business

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Branding Your Business

Do you know you need a brand for your business but not really sure what that means or why it matters? Do you have a logo and think you’re all set? In this seminar you’ll learn how your brand is bigger than your logo – along with what branding is, why it’s important for your business and how it’s different than marketing. You’ll also learn 6 key building blocks for your brand and how a strong brand helps attract your ideal clients. This is designed to help new businesses create their brand and established businesses strengthen their brand.

Speaker(s): Lisa Speer

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