WBCC – Digital Marketing: Podcasting 101

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Digital Marketing: Podcasting 101

Podcasting is on the rise! In 2019, more than half of American households listened to a podcast. With more than 800,000 podcasts available, audiences can listen to a wide-range of stories, perspectives and voices. Podcasting isn’t just for celebrity hosts or journalists; anyone can create, host and launch a podcast!

After attending the Queen City PodQuest Academy’s free “Podcasting 101” workshop, you’ll gain:

• An understanding of the fundamentals of podcasting
• Tips on how to record, produce, and upload a podcast
• Ideas on how to market the podcast and connect with listeners
• A resource list (with tips, tricks and how-to’s) to help continue podcasting

Who Should Attend?
• Anyone interested in podcasting and sharing their ideas/stories through audio.
• No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Speaker(s): Joni Deutsch

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