WBCC – 4th Annual The Heart of A Woman Conference

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: 4th Annual The Heart of A Woman Conference

Women Of


We ARE put here on earth to live out our GOD given purpose…. Yes if you are like most women you have had some challenges, trials, and tribulations; there have been some things you have gone through that you can’t share or tell anyone.  There have been days that were so dark that you couldn’t see the light from any direction.

Even with all of that WE are courageously powerful and unapologetic about our gifts, talents, and our abilities.  The 2020 HOAW Conference focuses on strengthening you as a woman, business owner, entrepreneur, leader, and manager.

With all the setbacks, we still move forward and we do it graciously.  Thus we are unapologetic about the way we will conduct our businesses, see ourselves, and fulfill our dreams. This years’ conference empowers us to say “the person you used to know,  that shy, unconfident, afraid woman – she doesn’t live here anymore – so don’t look for her those days when you told her she was nothing and was not good enough are gone”… TODAY we are unapologetic about our skin color, the way our hair looks, the manner in which we speak (clear and to the point), today we are unapologetic about our ability to share our story so that it heals, inspires, and encourages others.

Today!!!! We are unapologetic about how we look at ourselves and NO we will not dumb down our abilities so that others can feel Whole, NO we will not become small so that others can become Big, NO we will not say YES to something that deters our view of our future, our view of our self, and our view of what we have BECOME; and NO we will not say YES to something that obstructs our vision, aborts our mission, and does fulfill our purpose so that others can feel COMPLETE  — TODAY we declare that WE ARE UNAPLOGETICALLY – GORGEOUS- COURAGEOUS-POWERFUL-EQUIPPED–STRONG

Join us and hundreds of other women at the 2020 HOAW Conference when we not only declare our place in this WORLD UNAPOLOGETICALLY, but we are being intentional about how you do it!!! For more information go to https://www.wbccthoawconf.com/

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2019 Heart of A Woman Conference – Day 1

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Two Day Conference: October 23, 2019 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM & October 24, 2019 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

This is an exciting and adventurous time for us because we will be gathering for two days; Day 1 will be a day of REFRESH, conference ticket holders will be able to take advantage of receiving facials, massages, makeup, yoga, and professional makeup services; as well as business, professional, social media, marketing and executive coaching. We will also have a small business expo where our sponsors, presenters, vendors, and small business owners can exhibit their products; followed by our Night of Extravaganza Networking Event. Day 2 we will convene for our workshops, panel discussion, and business luncheon.

As was done in 2018, the 2019 platform will offer four workshop tracks: Professional Development, Entrepreneur, Life-Style Mind & Body, and an Industry track. Our concurrent sessions are designed to encourage our participants to overcome challenges, obstacles and barriers as small business owners and to inspire them to understand that we are participatory members of their success through education. Our newest track-the industry track, which is a panel discussion, will give interested participants the opportunity to get a little closer to the procurement processes and procedures for doing business with Corporations as well help gain an understanding of how to leverage certification. These panels are designed to give business owners access to key business leaders and to learn about how they have grown and built their businesses.

Our early morning plenary session entitled “Women of Purpose, Power & Influence” will be a panel discussion lead by strong women leaders in our region. This panel will set the tone for our conference with engaging dialogue about equity and equality for women.

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