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Wharton-Smith/ Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – Oxford, North Carolina

February 9, 2023

Wharton-Smith, Inc. Charlotte Water/Wastewater Estimating Department

M/WBE Invitation to Bid – Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements in the City of Oxford, North Carolina

Wharton-Smith is a general contractor who is soliciting proposals from State of North Carolina HUB MBE and WBE subcontractors & suppliers for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements project for the City of Oxford, North Carolina. This project is scheduled to bid on Friday, February 10, 2023, at 10:00 AM. Please submit your proposed scope of work to us at least 24 hours prior to the bid date and your firm pricing for that scope of work to us by 5:00 PM on the day prior to bid closing. Proposals may be emailed to envestimating@whartonsmith.com.


Bidding documents are available for free by logging into www.isqft.com. There, you will be able to view and download the plans, specs & any addenda. You will receive email notification of all addenda that have been posted to this project. Please do not hesitate to contact Nichole at 407-321-8410 ext. 3622 with any questions you might have regarding the use of the “iSqft” website. Please also feel free to contact us should you need assistance reviewing the Contract plans & specs.


Project Scope of Work: This project generally consists of the conversion of the existing duplex self-priming return activated sludge (RAS) pump to a duplex submersible pump station equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs); upgrade of the existing submersible duplex submersible (RAS) pump station to a triplex submersible pump station; demolition of the existing two traveling bridge filters with the installation of two new disk filters; replacement of the diffusers in one of the three aerobic digesters; installation of three rotary lobe positive displacement (PD) blowers; construction of a filter distribution box; installation of a pre-engineered electrical building; and upgrade to the plant’s SCADA control system.

Anticipated areas of work that will be subcontracted for this project are: Materials Testing, Hauling, Sitework (Selective Demolition, Soils & Aggregates for Earthwork, Geotextiles for Earthwork, Site Clearing, Earthwork, Dewatering, Trenching & Backfilling, Erosion & Sedimentation Controls, Excavation Support & Protection, Landscape Grading, Turf & Grasses), Concrete (Concrete Repairs, Modifications to Existing Concrete, Concrete Forming & Accessories, Concrete Reinforcing, Cast-in-Place Concrete, Concrete Finishing, Concrete Curing, Grouting), Metals (Metal Fabrications, Pipe & Tube Railings, Bar Gratings), Openings (Floor Doors), Finishes (Exterior Painting), Plumbing, Process Piping, and Electrical


If your company requires our help to establish a specific scope of work, which is economically feasible & realistic for your company, and/or if you feel a scope of work is too large for your firm to handle individually, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please advise us should your company require special accommodations with payment terms, bonding, or insurance in order to provide pricing for this project. Depending on the type of subcontract work, we may also be able to waive subcontractor bonding requirements to make it easier for your company to quote the work. We can also provide assistance to qualified minority businesses in need of equipment, loan capital, lines of credit, or joint pay agreements to secure loans, supplies, or letters of credit, including waiving credit that is ordinarily required. If establishing loan capital or lines of credit to purchase materials to be installed on this project is an impediment to your company’s bidding work, we will gladly work with your material suppliers to set up joint check agreements or assist in obtaining the same unit pricing as our suppliers to enable you to bid this project.


Wharton-Smith, Inc. will offer a “Quick Pay Commitment” to all MWBEs to assist qualified minority businesses with their cash flow, which means a commitment to pay MWBEs within 20 days after the Contractor confirms that the work has been performed & completed properly. Should the terms of this policy be unacceptable to your company, we will gladly negotiate terms; however, these agreements should be completed prior to the bid date.


Wharton-Smith, Inc. is willing to review any responsible quote & will negotiate terms, if appropriate.  Any other questions regarding this project may be directed to Nichole Voitel, 407-321-8410 Ext. 3622 or envestimating@whartonsmith.com.


February 9, 2023
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