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Oppose Community Reinvestment Act Regulations

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) entitled “Community Reinvestment Act Regulations” proposing comprehensive amendments to the rules implementing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).  Show your support - sign the petition!

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Learn more about CRA and letter submission opposing the changes to the CRA.


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4 Key Priorities



Retain and strengthen a core of expert advisors which consist of economists, demographers, statisticians, financial analysts, and policy makers to provide relevant information to inform and support key stakeholders, corporate partners and business clients.



Issue periodic reports to inform the general public and key stakeholders on issues relevant to opportunities and barriers to the growth of net worth by minorities and women.



Serve as the center of knowledge on the status of minority and women owned business and relevant public sector policies and private sector practices.

Host forums and symposia on key areas of interest in economic development and net worth growth of minorities, women and under resourced populations.



Support and assist institutions such as HBCUs that bring economic value and impact to the success of minorities and historically low wealth populations and neighborhoods.  Provide education and training.

Maintain relationships with key public officials, corporate leaders, non-profit allies, and other individuals committed to advancing economic opportunities for the under resourced  net worth populations.


The Policy Center of the Institute shapes the core direction of advocacy, education, policy development and economic impact analysis on behalf of minority and women owned businesses.


To promote equality, access to capital and market opportunities creating an environment that values and invests in the success of minority and women owned enterprises, to sustain and build wealth in diverse communities.

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