Women Owned Small Business Certification

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Women Owned Small Business Certification

The federal government’s goal is to award at least five percent of all federal contracting dollars to women-owned small businesses each year. Learn how your business can access the federal marketplace. Attend this FREE Workshop about Woman-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program.

Speaker(s): Joe Ann Shaffer (SBA)

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2021 Game Changer Program

The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte is offering 2021 GAME CHANGER ~ Leading Capacity Building Program scholarship valued at $1500 all interested applicants  

Session Dates:

1/12/2021; 1/26/2021; 2/9/2021; 2/23/2021; 3/9/2021; 3/23/2021; 4/6/2021; 4/20/2021; 5/4/2021/ 5/18/2021; 6/1/2021; 6/15/2021/ 7/6/2021; 7/20/2021; 8/3/2021; 8/17/2021; 8/31/2021; 9/14/2021; 9/28/2021; 10/12/2021; 10/26/2021; 11/2/2021; 11/16/2021; 11/30/2021 and Graduation on 12/14/2021


Application process:  

  1. Complete the online application, business goals and objective, and any other pre-assessments by January 5, 2021 
  2. Submitted application/goals and objective/pre assessments will be reviewed for approval 

 Eligibility Requirements:  

  1. You must be a woman in business 
  2. Been in business 0-5 years and looking to scale 
  3. Business income $0-$250K 
  4. You must reside or have a business in the counties indicated on the application 
  5. You must be able to attend 20 out of 24 sessions 
  6. You must have internet access 
  7. You must have a laptop or computer (not Chrome Books) 

 Objectives & Outcomes – Empower Women Business Owners to become economically self-sufficient, increase financial knowledge, and enhance organizational and management skills 

  • Assist small business to overcome lending obstacles to become LOAN/RISK ready 
  • Enhance Women business owners leadership skills to increase their confidence to achieve superior collaboration & partnerships 
  • Provide Women business owners with tools to implement strategies for productivity and profitability to improve risk management & mitigate liability 
  • Teach Business owners how to assess the Overall Health of their Business to increase revenue (projected revenue earned or saved) 
  • MANAGE and master the BUSINESS CASH FLOW & obtain understanding of other Key Financial Statements to increase transparency and accountability 
  • Develop strategies to Implement Organizational/Operational Procedures to streamline workflow processes

The 2021 GC (LEAD) program is 48hr /24 session bi-monthly training program that will cover six key areas of your business development and growth 

  • Module 1         Leadership Development                                (3 Sessions)                6hrs 
  • Module 2         Management/Leadership Development          (5 Sessions)           10hrs 
  • Module 3         Operational Excellence                                  (4 Sessions)                7hrs 1hr (financial) 
  • Module 4         Organizational Excellence                             (4 Sessions)                8hrs 
  • Module 5         Professional Development                              (3 Sessions)                6hrs 
  • Module 6         Financial Management                                   (5 Sessions)                10hrs 

 WBCC Policy:  Attendance is mandatory to attend 85% of the sessions  

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Vitality For Surviving in Your Business

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Vitality For Surviving in Your Business

SBA will discuss the various programs and services SBA offers nationwide. SBA has developed a suite of services that assists small businesses at all stages with financing, counseling, and government contracting programs.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has resources to help you start and grow your business. ReferenceUSA, an online directory of millions of United States companies, can be used to find out who your competitors are, get valuable information for deciding on a business location, find customers if you are selling B2B, and more. If you have a profile of the person you would sell your product or service to, then using SimplyAnalytics, will give you statistics and demographic information. Your taxes have allowed the Library to provide these valuable resources for no additional cost, attend this hands-on workshop to learn how to use them to succeed in your business.

Speaker(s): Timothy (Levi) Kinnard (SBA)  / Mimi Curlee (Mecklenburg Library)

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Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection Training Workshop for Small Business Owners

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection Training Workshop for Small Business Owners

Protect your investment. Learn best practices and techniques to clean & disinfect your workspace and minimize cross-contamination.  Learn how to navigate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) N-list to find disinfectants approved to kill viruses.

Speaker(s): Dr. Tonnia Thomas

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Operational Excellence for Small Businesses

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Operational Excellence for Small Businesses

What are the processes you use to run your business? Are they working? Are they consistent? How can you improve them? Today, operational excellence is what reduces an entrepreneur’s bottom line and makes the customer happier. Adrian T. Marable, an entrepreneur and the author of After the Pitch shares how you can optimize business performance, create consistency in your operations and build a business based on growth and not individual sales. Join this session to understand, manage, and improve your business processes and create order to your business and entrepreneurial life.

Speaker(s): Adrian Marable

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5 Key Steps to Starting and Designing Your Business

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: 5 Key Steps to Starting and Designing Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur thinking of starting a business or are you already in business and not sure if you have completed all the necessary steps to be an established entity or successful business? This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs with start-ups and established businesses to examine the feasibility of their small business idea in the current market, examine entrepreneur readiness, business plan development, entity formation, managing risk, and various ways to fund or bootstrap the business.

Speaker(s): Sonya Miller-Ray

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Supply Chain Management – Module 2: Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: Supply Chain Management – Module 2: Manufacturing & Order Fulfillment

Overview: Develop streamline manufacturing and order fulfilment know-how for small quick-win opportunities and large game-changing projects to maximize revenue potential and profitability. This cohort program delivers the supply chain foundation needed to tackle key activities from client management to mass production. Participants gain industry insight and simplify execution of the same supply chain tactics of Fortune 1000 organization with a lot more budget.

Cohort objectives are to help participant: A. Identify resources needed and/or current utilization of resources and business partners to get business and develop in-house or outsourced manufacturing and distribution strategies

B. Gain exposure to free off-the-shelf or low-cost customizable software to help enable customer service management, project management, purchasing activities, sales tax, and more

C. Realize methods to maintain cost controls and product or service offering integrity while in launch and growth stages

D. Learn when and how to invest in scaling the business or creating successful joint partnerships

E. Establish leadership oversight, processes, and controls to limit liability and preserve brand value

Example Outcomes: Manufacturing Plan Systems Utilization Plan Job Cost & Budget Templates Partnership SOW Agreement Templates Customized Workflow Backdown Structure Outline

Speaker(s): Various


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WBCC – 4th Annual The Heart of A Woman Conference

Hosted by The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte.

Topic: 4th Annual The Heart of A Woman Conference

Women Of


We ARE put here on earth to live out our GOD given purpose…. Yes if you are like most women you have had some challenges, trials, and tribulations; there have been some things you have gone through that you can’t share or tell anyone.  There have been days that were so dark that you couldn’t see the light from any direction.

Even with all of that WE are courageously powerful and unapologetic about our gifts, talents, and our abilities.  The 2020 HOAW Conference focuses on strengthening you as a woman, business owner, entrepreneur, leader, and manager.

With all the setbacks, we still move forward and we do it graciously.  Thus we are unapologetic about the way we will conduct our businesses, see ourselves, and fulfill our dreams. This years’ conference empowers us to say “the person you used to know,  that shy, unconfident, afraid woman – she doesn’t live here anymore – so don’t look for her those days when you told her she was nothing and was not good enough are gone”… TODAY we are unapologetic about our skin color, the way our hair looks, the manner in which we speak (clear and to the point), today we are unapologetic about our ability to share our story so that it heals, inspires, and encourages others.

Today!!!! We are unapologetic about how we look at ourselves and NO we will not dumb down our abilities so that others can feel Whole, NO we will not become small so that others can become Big, NO we will not say YES to something that deters our view of our future, our view of our self, and our view of what we have BECOME; and NO we will not say YES to something that obstructs our vision, aborts our mission, and does fulfill our purpose so that others can feel COMPLETE  — TODAY we declare that WE ARE UNAPLOGETICALLY – GORGEOUS- COURAGEOUS-POWERFUL-EQUIPPED–STRONG

Join us and hundreds of other women at the 2020 HOAW Conference when we not only declare our place in this WORLD UNAPOLOGETICALLY, but we are being intentional about how you do it!!! For more information go to https://www.wbccthoawconf.com/

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