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1 event,

Fayetteville, NC/ PWC – Current Bid Opportunities

4 events,

City of Raleigh/ COF Exterior Painting

Davidson, NC/ Davidson CC Accessibility Improvements

Wilson, NC/ Northampton over Paddy’s Delight Creek

4 events,

NC Department of Health and Human Services/ Byrum Building Roof Replacement

MWBE Bid Opportunity/ RFQ for Poole Road West Watermain Replacement

City of Raleigh/ Poole Road West Watermain Replacement

2 events,

City of Raleigh/ Wake BRT New Bern Avenue Project

1 event,

3 events,

City of Durham / WS-87 Water and Sewer on Stallings and Geer

Hillsborough Utilities Department/ River Pumping Station Relocation Project

4 events,

High Point, NC/ Ward 10 MG CROM Storage Tank Painting Project-Public Services, Bid 1112-041024

High Point, NC/ I-74 Ward Elevated Water Tank Painting-Public Services, Bid 1111-041024


Garner, NC / Grading, Paving, Drainage and Structures work to replace bridge 69 on NC 50 over US 70

3 events,

Winston-Salem, NC / 15th Street Pump Station Improvements, FB 24248

Manteo, NC/ Roanoke Island Aquarium Shingle Roof Replacement

4 events,


Pittsboro, NC / 40 Russet Run Suttles Road

FAYPWC Bid Opportunities & Contracting Resources

2 events,

10 events,

Working in the Healthcare Market Sector

S.T. Wooten/ C204204 Wake Durant Road over CSX S Line

Surry County / Grading, Drainage, Paving and Structure –Bridge #122 and #126 Over Toms Creek on US-52

S.T. Wooten / C204410 Wake NC 50 over US 70

Pender County / Grading, Drainage, Paving and Structures work to replace bridge 28 over Long Creek

Chatham County, NC / Grading, Drainage, and Paving to realign Suttles Road

Jimmr R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. / Hanes Mill Road Landfill MSE Berm Expansion Project and Closed Landfill Leachate System

Raleigh, NC/ Wake Durant Road over CSX S Line

3 events,

Barnhill Contracting Company / Martin County

8 events,

Town of River Bend / River Bend WWTP Enhancements

River Bend, NC / Town of River Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhancements

Sanford Contractors / Fayetteville PWC – Annexation PH V, Project XII, Construction Area 27-Cliffdale Forest

RDU Airport / RDU Concession Spaces Program (Phase II)

City of Raleigh / RFQ for Geotechnical, Construction Material Inspection / Testing and Special Inspections Services for Fire Station 3 Project

Sanford, NC/ Water Filtration Facility 30-MGD Expansion

3 events,

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Division of Purchases/ RFP Kentucky’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Program

2 events,

5 events,

City of Raleigh / FY 2023 Traffic Calming Projects & Wildwood Forest Elementary School Sidewalk Improvements Project

St. Pauls, NC / Town of St. Pauls Wastewater Treatment Plant Relocation

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services / State Fairgrounds Maintenance Building Fire Restoration 

3 events,

S.T. Wooten / Greene Central High School

4 events,

Swinerton Builders / Charlotte Fire Department Firehouse No. 30

Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. / Greensboro – North Buffalo Phase II Sewer Improvements Contract No. 2016-074

2 events,

3 events,

City of Hickory / T Hangar #2 – Project No. 24-831, 3101 9th Avenue Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 28601

4 events,

City of Raleigh / Railroad Quiet Zone Study

Kinston, NC / Replacement of Kinston Public Services Complex Lift Station Pumps

2 events,

City of Raleigh / Green Road Community Center Interior Painting