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Program Overview

The Equity Advocacy Program supported by North Carolina Central University's Division of Extended Studies: Continuing Education will prepare you for success in advocacy.  In this comprehensive three-day program, you will learn how to identify and evaluate what makes an advocate, develop valuation frameworks, and learn soft skills such as pitching deals, storytelling with data, and networking.

The Research, Policy and Impact Center and North Carolina Central University have added valuable contributions to the Equity and Advocacy sectors, and the school’s location in Durham North Carolina and provides a close-up demonstrative understanding of the nation's initiatives. Through this immersive program, taught by award winning faculty and community leaders, you will learn to leverage challenges and turn them into positive outcomes.

Who Should Participate?

  • This course is an introduction to advocacy work and is beneficial to any individual or mission driven organization, large or small, directly, or indirectly impacted by local, state, or federal government (ex. business owners, professionals, community development centers, government officials, students, etc.).
  • No previous learning or experience is required to take this advocacy course.
  • You will need a device that allows you to listen to audio, access course materials, and upload assignments.

Program Highlights

High Touch

Leverage interactive sessions with faculty, fireside chats with practitioners, and networking sessions with peers.

Award Winning Faculty

Learn from nationally recognized faculty, thought leaders, and industry experts.


Interact with and learn from high-achieving peers and build your network.

Success Coach

An assigned success coach will help craft your learning journey through regular one-on-one check-in sessions.

Practitioner Insight

Interact with faculty and industry experts during the program to gain actionable insights and implement learning into practice.

Networking Event

Meet your national peers at the three-day on-campus Executive Networking Event in Pinehurst, NC.

Program Curriculum

A multimodal learning experience, the Equity Advocacy Certificate Program is a must for mission driven organizations, entrepreneurs and students who aim to get a holistic understanding of the advocacy work.   The comprehensive curriculum provides asynchronous learning and live sessions conducted by a learning facilitator and faculty. Participants will also be exposed to a host of engaging online guest lectures and fireside chats with leading industry executives. The flexible format allows for peer-to-peer learning and exploration of “try it” activities as well as practical case studies. The immersive program culminates in a three-day in-person networking event where you can connect with government officials, faculty, and peers.


Learners are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement for this course supported by North Carolina Central University's Division of Extended Studies: Continuing Education.  NCCU is known for its role defining a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on social impact.

Course Dates & Information

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Course Goal

Train MBE's and MWBE's to advocate for themselves with local, state and federal policy leaders.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Build relationships with key public officials, small business leaders, non-profit allies, and others committed to advancing economic opportunities for under-resourced populations.
  2. Assess knowledge, skills and networking-building gaps for MBEs specifically related to engaging with state agencies and elected officials.
  3. Assess gaps through effective curriculum and engagement strategies.
  4. Better understand the motivations and barriers for MBEs to be involved in advocacy campaigns and/or sustaining relationships with public sector agencies and elected officials.
  5. Adapt strategies to leverage that motivation and reduce barriers for involvement.
  6. Understand how to build and nurture trust between MBEs, policymakers, and our own policy team over time.

Core Modules

Module 1

What is Equity Advocacy?

Module 5

Pitching A Deal

Module 2

Becoming an MBE/MWBE

Module 6

Meeting With Policyholders and Driving Conversations With State Representatives

Module 3

Storytelling With Data

Module 7

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Module 4

Strategies to Build Stronger Conversations Pertaining to Funding and Opportunities

Module 8