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The goal of Equity Advocacy at the Research, Policy and Impact Center is to expand across all four areas of interest to provide a complete educational program for community organizations, students, business owners and local, state, and federal representatives interested in leaning into advocacy to impact minority communities at large.

To deliver across all areas, the Research, Policy and Impact Center will offer the following:

Equity Advocacy Training Courses

Participants will be able to take these courses individually, online, and in-person. The courses and customized trainings based on the customer's needs, can be easily delivered. By offering these courses in the various areas of interest, the Research, Policy and Impact Center will build, expand, and deliver training modules and workshops to benefactors, stakeholders, etc. of grants awarded.

Upon successful completion of each of these courses, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

The Equity Advocacy & Economic Development Program

The Equity Advocacy & Economic Development Program is a comprehensive offering which includes the following:

All Equity Advocacy Training Courses

  • Health Advocacy and Equity
  • Small Business Advocacy and Equity
  • Housing Advocacy and Equity
  • Education Advocacy and Equity
  • Leadership and Civic Engagement

Additional Benefits

  • Engagement with leaders
  • Networking with peers
  • Multi-day program


Upon completion, participants are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement for this program supported by North Carolina Central University's Division of Extended Studies: Continuing Education.  NCCU is known for its role defining a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on social impact.